DSATX Problems

220 Watt DC-DC ATX Power Supply
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DSATX Problems

Postby Viscosity » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:36 pm

OK...brand new at this, I purchased the DSATX 220 Watt power supply. Well, it seemed to work fine for several days, I upgraded my harddrive from an old IDE one to a SATA. Well, I dont know if this is what started the problem, but it seemed to start then. Now when I crank my car, the LED is solid, the motherboard gets power but the hard drive never starts spinning. There is also a rapid clicking noise coming from the DSATX. Voltages are at normal levels, my amp powers fine from the same acc wire. It is an old Intel 865 board with a celeron processor, so power should not be a problem. I have tried everything I know, any ideas?

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