AUX output help!

220 Watt DC-DC ATX Power Supply
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AUX output help!

Postby deanwarez » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:33 pm

hi there,

could anyone be so kind as to posting some schematics or information on how to connect an amplifier to turn with this PSU?! I mean i've read that it needs a few resistors and a transistor OR a relay but i have no idea.

well what im thinking is that the AUX out sends a constant voltage out? is that right? if so would the following work below?...

DSATX AUX + -----|
AMP on + -------| relay |-------- 12V CONSTANT IN
DSATX AUX g ------|

so the aux powers the relay and then bridges the connection from the constant 12v in to the amplifier remote terminal.

im assuming that the voltage out is 12v from the dsatx aux and that it sends a constant out.

can someone please help me out here.

ta x

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