DSATX not sending signal to come out of standby

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DSATX not sending signal to come out of standby

Postby jac1502 » Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:11 pm

I had been having Issues with my carpc for quite a long time mainly running down my battery so I decided to start over fresh and build a new system. Using a Foxconn motherboard

Now I am having a new issue with the power switch.

The system will receive the signal from the DSATX fine to turn on from a fresh start and send the signal to go into standby or hibernate. But once the system is in hibernate or standby by it won’t come back on. I can manually jump the pins and it starts up or sometimes if I let it set for ten minutes or so it comes on.

I have changed the duration of the motherboard power press to several different settings using the brainstem ajusted the Vin high and even turned off waiting for vin high with no luck.

I understand that some MBs need a positive switch cable, But since mines turns on fine and goes into standby do you think I need one as well? I am really lost here any help would be greatly appreciated!

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