DSATX 4.5V output in all rails?

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DSATX 4.5V output in all rails?

Postby RipplingHurst » Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:37 am

My DSATX stopped working after less than 6 mo. of use...

Now I only see 4.5V output in all rails, the computer pulses on and off. Any solution? What could it possibly be?

No error codes: the red led goes on, acc off, the red led blinks once, etc. The CPU fan starts for a second, then stops. With a 120V AC PSU, the computer starts fine, the 12V rail (say, on the 4 connector cable to the MB) only shows 4.5V on the DSATX, while shows 12v on the normal 120V PSU.

I just changed my case, maybe I have damaged something with some static electricity discharge or something? Physically it looks fine...

Sounds like it's repairable?
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